Help us Stop Bad Law


Frontier Communications supports an open Internet where providers do not block, throttle, or interfere with customers' ability to access and navigate the Internet.

Our business is part of an incredibly successful Internet ecosystem that is the backbone of our economy and daily life. Frontier and other service providers are invested heavily nationally and statewide to provide broadband, voice, and video services to our customers.

Under the banner of Net Neutrality, our California legislature has passed a law — Senate Bill 822 (SB 822) — which threatens to disrupt the incredibly successful Internet system that fuels business, innovation and economic growth in California.

Frontier opposes SB 822 because it will harm consumers, impose complex layers of costly regulation and delay broadband deployment in California, especially in rural areas.

SB 822 will create "Free" Internet for big users like Netflix and Google, but stifle innovation, decrease investment and delay Internet access in rural California. 

We are asking Governor Brown to veto a law that is bad for Frontier’s business, our partners and our employees. Please join us and make your voice heard.

Joe Gamble

Senior Vice President West Region, Frontier Communications

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